Tint Shop Located in the Heart of Santa Barbara

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Window Tinting

Happy’s Collision Center of Santa Barbara is a trusted window tint shop that has been serving the greater Santa Barbara area for over 10 years. good window tint will last the life of the car. We only work with the premium American Made window tinging film. All of our window tinting work comes guaranteed.

Here are Happy’s we offer a variety of window tinting solutions that fit your car needs and budget. Our window tinting manufacturer also guarantees the quality of the tint we provide as well.

Tints come in many variations color darkness. From super dark tint to just enough to keep the light out and everything in between. Happy’s is your one-stopĀ auto repair shop.

Tint Removal

If you got a fix it ticket for having too dark of a window tint and need to professionals to take it off, give us a call. Or maybe the tint is just flat out bad and old, we can take it off for you not problem.